Small size, large volume wafer type butterfly damper. It gives excellent controllability and responds to the needs of a wide range of industries.

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This wafer type damper is economical, simple and compact. It is used as a control valve in combination with a diaphragm actuator, an air cylinder and a positioner. It gives outstanding controllability from low temperatures to ultra high temperatures.

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  1. High range ability
  2. Big reduction in size
    The hydrodynamic configuration of the disc keeps the flow resistance at a minimum level when the valve is fully open. This valve has twice the CV of glove valves.
  3. The body is slim, lightweight and compact.
  4. Clearance between body and disc
    Although it is a damper type, it has a low leakage structure ( 0.5 to 2% of rated CV). Stable control is effected allowing the fitting of a compact actuator.
  • We supply two types of gland units for high temperature valves depending on the temperature conditions, as shown on the above.
  • The high temperature and ultra high temperature types take the expansion of the shaft into consideration, and a vertical (upper and lower) gland system is employed.
  • In the ultra high temperature type, a stuffing box is also fitted and gland packing is installed.
  • The above structures have been developed based on many years of operational experience. A totally sealed structure is employed which prevents external leakage from the gland due to the effects of heat.

● Standard specifications

Size 80A~1,000A
Working pressure MAX 1.0MPa
Working temperature MAX 800℃

● Standard materials(JIS code)

Body SCPH2、SCS13、SCS14、SCS16
Disc SCPH2、SCS13、SCS14、SCS16
Shaft SUS304、SUS403、SUS316、SUS316L

● Standard test pressure(hydraulic pressure)

Body shell Max. allowable pressure ×1.5




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  • ISO9001