Lightweight, low cost steel damper that enables users to select size, dimensions and material according to applications.

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This is a butterfly damper type featuring a steel plate welded structure. It is used for ON-OFF and control of the flow of various gases and air. As there is no need for the wooden or metal molds normally used in the manufacturing process, a louver damper can also be fabricated.

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  1. SD type:open type
  2. SDs type:low leakage type
  3. SDs-AS type:high temperature type
  4. Angular louvers type:low leakage type
  5. Circular louvers type:low leakage type

● Seat structure

open type

●Type:open type

Seat:no seat
Leakage rate:about 5% of rated Cv at closed position

low leakage type (S)

●Type:low leakage type (S)

Seat:step seat
Leakage rate:about 3% of rated Cv at closed position

low leakage type (P)

●Type:low leakage type (P)

Seat:Packing seat
Leakage rate:about 2% of rated Cv at closed position

※We also manufacture other low leakage types on demand.

● Standard specifications

Size 200A~2400A(Square type is also a vailable)
Materials SS400、S-Ten、SUS304、SUS316、SUS316L、SUS310S
Disc sheet Louvers single, double, multiple
Working pressure MAX 0.05MPa
Working temperature MAX 900℃
Form Wafer and Flange(Steel, JIS2K, 5K, etc)




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  • ISO9001