Double eccentric structure, facilitating lightweight, compact form and easy maintenance. This is BF Kogyo’s leading product featuring excellent operability and durability.

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This is a highly innovative valve that achieves both robustness and lightness. It has a double eccentric structure enabling total tightness and low torque. This facilitates greater operability, longer seat life and a major decrease in maintenance as well as high cost performance. It is used in various industries including the chemical, nuclear power, steelmaking and air conditioning sectors.

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  1. Key way
    It allows easy assembly and disassembly of all types of actuator
  2. Gland follower
  3. Packing gland
  4. Gland packing
  5. Adapter
  6. Upper and lower bearings
    The bearings are of Teflon coated stainless steel mesh construction to ensure smooth and reliable shaft movement with balanced contact between disc and seat resulting in lower torque.
  7. Seat
  8. Disc stopper
  9. Seat retainer
    Integral with retainer plate. Plate is located by.
  10. Body
    Slim wafer pattern for easy mounting between flanges to specification
  11. Thrust ring
  12. Thrust piece
Rubber seat

●Rubber seat

Inner core metal with rubber vulcanized to metal shaped one piece with retainer.

Tefl on seat

●Teflon seat

Applicable to almost all corrosive fluids thanks to Teflon's anti-corrosive characteristic.

Metal seat

●Metal seat

Made of nitriding-hardened stainless steel. The ideal choice for high temperature and special fluids.

● Standard specifications

Size 80A~300A
Working pressure MAX 1.0MPa
Flanges JIS、ANSI

● Standard materials(JIS code)

Body FCD450-10、SCS13、SCS14、SCS16
Disc FCD450-10、SCS13、SCS14、SCS16
Shaft SUS304、SUS316、SUS316L

※The materials of the body, disc and shaft can be chosen freely as required.

● Standard test pressure(hydraulic pressure)

Body shell 1.5MPa
Seat 1.1 MPa

● Seat materials

NBR -10 ~80℃
EPDM -10 ~120℃
FKM -10 ~150℃
PTFE -20 ~180℃
METAL -20 ~200℃



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