Steel welded perfectly tight closure valve featuring large size, lightweight, short delivery time and low cost. It is suitable for the control of large volumes of air, gases and water.

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A valve made of steel plate corresponding to all flange standards. Face to face dimensions can be made to user specifications. It is particularly suitable for lines requiring large size valves such as those for waste gas in steel mills, heat ventilation air conditioning in power stations, and solvent recovery in chemical plants.

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  1. Flanges
  2. Body
  3. Disc
  4. Body seat(SUS)
  5. Disc seat

● Tight shut off seat construction

  • Disc seat‐jointless seat rings.
  • Disc seat‐exposed by tightening and contracted when bolts loosen.
  • Seat contact width‐"T", can be fine adjusted in position by tightening or loosing the retainer bolts.
  • Variation to form the most suitable contact width to meet present flow pressure without unnatural friction, but keeping perfect sealing and torque for longer lasting sealline.

※In occasion of replacing disc seat, it can be easily replaced without removing valve itself from the pipe line.

● Standard specifications

Size 650A~2400A
Working pressure MAX 0.05MPa
(Special MAX 0.5MPa)
Flanges ANSI 、BS、AS、DIN、JIS、Special

● Standard materials(JIS code)

Body SS400、SUS304、SUS316、SUS316L
Disc SS400、SUS304、SUS316、SUS316L
Shaft SUS403、SUS304、SUS316、SUS316L

● Standard test pressure(hydraulic pressure)

Body shell Max. allowable pressure×1.5
Seat Max. allowable pressure×1.1

※The materials of the body, disc and shaft can be chosen freely as required.

● Seat materials

NBR -10 ~80℃
EPDM -10 ~120℃
FKM -10 ~150℃
PTFE -20 ~180℃




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  • ISO9001